Rider physical training

Personalized training plan

Andrea, the physical preparation specialist at Hípica Base, can design a personalized training plan based on your needs, the daily or weekly hours available, as well as your personal characteristics or the riding discipline practised by you. Through personalized follow-up, she will evaluate your progress and set new goals for you.

Training sessions

Marengo, our Equicizer, was designed for training. In 1982, jockey Frank Lovato Jr. built a wooden horse and springs thinking that he would help him in the rehabilitation of a badly fractured leg, after suffering an accident in a horse race. The support he received from other riders encouraged him to improve on the original design, making the Equicizer the product it is today.

Horse riders can benefit from training with Marengo, contributing to the strengthening of the specific muscle groups involved in the practice of horse riding. The user's legs and the seat makes the horse work, just like reality. The mechanical horse never tires and can be trotting or galloping throughout the training session, if the rider can resist!

The screen in front of Marengo can show different types of routes recorded in subjective camera mode, helping the rider to recreate the sensation of walking through the mountain, executing a dressage reprise or participating in a showjumping competition. Through this technique, in addition to livening up the training session, you can practice the transitions and the different gaits of the horse when you follow what you are seeing on the screen.

A mirror located next to the horse allows the rider to see himself while he is riding. Other techniques, such as video filming, can be used to post-analyze training sessions. Marengo is also the ideal companion for people who practice adapted horse riding.