Indoor riding lessons

For people who start from scratch or who have difficulty learning certain movements

When riding, you interact with the horse, which in turn interacts with the person. For this reason, when it comes to riding a horse, we talk about the binomium concept. Both parts, person and horse, have to understand each other. But what happens when an inexperienced person learns to ride and in what's the importance of the horse in learning? When the new rider begins, he can give the horse incorrect orders, which can cause improper reactions from the animal. There are people who, faced with these uncontrolled situations, become afraid and abandon riding. Others, depending on the horse, take longer to mechanize the movements. In this sense, a mechanical horse like Marengo facilitates motor learning of basic movements, accelerating the subsequent learning process in a conventional riding schoool.

For people who already know how to ride but who have to correct their position or understand why the aids have to be applied in a certain way

On the other hand, there are people who have vices derived from the way they learned to ride, such as, for example, a bad position on the horse, or who execute inappropriate movements. Also, many people learned to ask the horse for a certain action without understanding what biomechanical effects they exert on the animal. The purpose of riding lessons with Marengo is to correct, understand and improve riding.