Continuous training courses for professionals and individuals

Whether you are a fan of the horse world or a professional in this sector, we offer continuous training courses so that you can continue learning, at your own pace, and with the best content prepared by us.

Face-to-face courses for groups

Periodically, we organize face-to-face courses. These courses cover different aspects of the horse world and, as complementary material, we give access to related online modules. In addition to courses on horses, we also have programs aimed at improving personal skills.

Individual riding lessons, rehabilitation and building confidence

We offer private initiation classes with Marengo, our riding simulator. With this mechanical horse and the television screen in front of it, where different equestrian scenes are recreated, you can learn the basic principles of riding, such as the position and movements that the horse rider has to make when riding. Once the appropriate level has been achieved with the simulator, we direct clients who want it to a trusted equestrian centre where they can continue learning with real horses. With the mechanical horse, we also work on aspects such as the recovery of confidence after a fall or the rehabilitation of the musculature of a part of the body after not exercising it for a long time.

Individual riding and horsemanship lessons at home

We offer this punctual service based on our availability, the client's needs and the scope of our knowledge, without ever interfering with the professionals of the equestrian where the horse may be. We can work on specific aspects of riding or specific horse handling problems, such as trailer loading.

Training for educational centres

If it is an educational centre that teaches courses related to the world of horses, for example, training cycles in sports or university studies related to the field of health, we can offer you the following services:

  • Teaching material: we have a magnificent collection of pedagogical resources for centres that teach vocational training cycles or university studies related to the world of horses. This teaching material consists of attractive presentations with theoretical content and videos with the main procedures that students have to learn.
  • Technological services: we can offer our Internet domain to link through a subdomain or directory your own training portal. The main tools that we know and that we can make available to you are based on Moodle, WordPress or Joomla. We can also implement the different contents on the platform of your educational centre and adapt the design to your corporate image. Our content is available in SCORM format and is very easy to incorporate into any online learning system.